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Red Piña Maria

Red Piña Maria

 Red Chile Pina Maria Cocktail

We’re back with another delicious collaboration between 505 Spirits and our friends at Jillipepper to bring you this tangy, subtly sweet and slightly spicy twist on the Bloody Mary. If you tried our Spicy Green Maria, you will find this a more mellow and complex but equally delicious twist on the New Mexico Bloody Mary. And it is so easy to make!

Jillipepper’s locally made NM Red Chile Pineapple Salsa, pureed in your blender, is a perfectly balanced Bloody Mary “mix” here. Our D’UVA 1 Brandy instead of vodka will make you wonder why you ever had a Bloody Mary with vodka to begin with. And our Red Sauce Red Chile Liqueur introduces more of that earthy NM RED flavor.

We combine Jillipepper’s Hot Fiesta Pepper (we love this on practically everything!) with sea salt for the perfect rim. For garnish, dip some fresh pineapple and the veggies of your choice in this amazing blend for the perfect accent to this  salad-in-a-cocktail! It’s practically health food, right?


1 oz D'UVA 1 Brandy
1 oz Red Sauce Red Chile Liqueur
4 oz pureed Jillipepper Red Chile Pineapple Salsa
Fresh pineapple and assorted veggies for garnish, such as cucumber, carrot, celery, olives, caper berries, asparagus, jicama, lime wedge… get creative here! Half of the fun of drinking these is eating all of the veggies that are dipped in the yummy elixir.



Mix 2 parts Hot Fiesta Pepper with 1 part sea salt (or Kosher salt) in a jar and shake it up to combine. Pour some on a small plate, rub rim of glass with a lime wedge and dip in pepper/salt mixture to coat. 

Slice up your pineapple/veggies into pieces that will fit your glass or a cocktail skewer. Dip one side of some of the veggies in the salt as pictured. You may want to make extra of the garnish and serve on the side, as you may want more than you can fit in and on your glass.

Place a few large ice cubes into the rimmed glass. 


Combine the D'UVA 1 Brandy, Red Sauce Liqueur and pureed Jillipepper Red Chile Pineapple Salsa in a shaker and shake it up. Pour over the ice into the prepared glass. Garnish to your heart's content and SALUD! 


Jill Levin of Jillipepper

"Why not bottle it?"That thought and an abundant tomato harvest in 1993 from her small but fertile garden inspired founder and owner Jill Levin to open Jillipepper.

Wondering what she was going to do with all the tomatoes, and since she loves to cook, Jill started making salsa for all her friends. The reviews were great and the requests for more poured in. So Jill determined to share her salsa with the world. The result is Jillipepper Red Chile Pineapple Salsa, Green Chile Salsa, Red Chile Salsa Mix and Hot Fiesta Pepper. 

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