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Our Team


Women Take The Lead

505 Spirits is proud to be majority woman owned and woman led. Our team is like a little family, and everyone wears many hats. Our 505 Spirits Family consists of, from left to right above: Briana Morales (Distiller & Sales), Ashley Smith (Distiller & Sales), Anna Jones (Founder & CEO) and Robert Houston (Founder & Distiller).

Our Founders

Anna Jones and Robert Houston are the duo behind the distillery. 

A psychic said they were meant to be together in a previous life until Robert drowned and Anna was unable to save him. Because of that, Anna made it really hard for Robert to catch her in this life. They met at age 25, but it took Robert until they were both 40 to convince her to marry him.

Now they live with their daughter, Eve, in the small mountaintop town of Placitas, New Mexico, far from the water. Both Anna & Robert did many different things before they got together. Anna is a sculptor & chef who worked in San Francisco, NYC & Chicago. Robert is a painter & sculptor who grew addicted to vineyards while living in Italy.

With her background in fine restaurants and catering, Anna brings her sensibility and skill in combining ingredients to develop complex and unexpected flavors. With his background in liquor retail, Robert brings his understanding of the industry and his insight into customer demand for the types of local liquor products no one else is making. With their backgrounds in the visual arts, Anna & Robert work together to design the labels, packaging and all the graphic aspects of the brand. 

505 Spirits is the incarnation of what Anna & Robert have both learned & done. It’s the marriage of their love for local food, fine cuisine, wine, spirits, art & culture. It’s been a long road to this path. Please join them & see where it leads!

Women Rock!

Ashley has the title "Distiller & Sales", but she distills, infuses, strains, bottles, labels, sells, delivers... She's basically Wonder Woman. Bri is the newest member of the team and we are so excited for her to team up with Wonder Wom... - er, Ashley - to do all of the things!

Ashley Smith | Distiller & Sales

Ashley grew up in the California Bay Area before settling in New Mexico 26 years ago. She graduated from culinary school in Las Vegas, NM in 2011, and has several years of liquor retail management under her belt. She loves to travel which leads to her passion for good food & drink. She also enjoys camping, hiking and fishing with her husband and their 2 dogs, Bowie and Matilda.

Bri Morales | Distiller & Sales

Briana (her friends call her Bri) was born and raised in Ventura,
California and moved to New Mexico in 2006. She graduated from Rio
Rancho High School and attended some college at CNM with her focus in Culinary Arts and Hospitality & Tourism.  She later sparked interest for the alcohol industry, and has worked in alcohol retail and service
collectively for 8+ years. Bri is extremely supportive of the local
distillery and craft brewery scene here in New Mexico, and is currently a board member of the New Mexico Distiller’s Guild. When she isn't working, she loves going out and spending time with her family, friends, and pets.

If We Had An Album...

... this would be our album cover. We don't, and we won't, but we do have an old, 1941, International firetruck sitting beind the distillery, and our friend, Shon Cobbs, took these photos and they are super fun, and make us look way cooler than we are.

Oh, and Shon does actually have an album, and it's fantastic! (Look for the band, Plume Varia, in all the places. We love them!)

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