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INTRODUCING: 505 Spirits Triple Sec and coming soon, Agave Spirit!

INTRODUCING: 505 Spirits Triple Sec and coming soon, Agave Spirit!

Orange You Glad to See Me? Artisan Triple Sec


Orange You Glad to See Me? Artisan Triple Sec & BURQUILA Joven Agave Spirit

We are really excited to usher in the holiday season with the announcement of TWO new 505 Spirits! One is available in bottles now, and one is coming very soon... but we are introducing our Placitas neighbors to both of them in the Placitas Virtual Tasting Room new cocktail for this week: The 505 Classic Margarita (Cocktail is available for purchase and local delivery within Placitas, NM only). 

Orange You Glad to See Me? Triple Sec

First up, pictured here, and available for you to purchase in bottles NOW, is our new Artisan Triple Sec: Orange You Glad to See Me?  We infuse fresh orange peel and organic dried bitter orange peel with our smooth, complex D'UVA 1 brandy in this orange liqueur, which has intense orange flavor and is perfectly balanced - not too sweet, not too hot. It is lovely sipped on its own and it is simply perfect in a Margarita. In fact, the inspiration to create it, came from our desire to make Margaritas for the Placitas Virtual Tasting Room, as we can only sell/serve products from New Mexico. 

Orange You Glad, as we affectionately call it for short, is currently available in Albuquerque at Stoneface Package Liquor. But it's coming soon to more stores in NM. And of course, our Placitas neighbors can order it online for free local delivery here

And what Margarita can be made without agave spirit? None. No Margaritas can be made without agave spirit. At least, no Margaritas that that we want to drink. So VERY SOON we are bringing you our BURQUILA Joven Agave Spirit, carefully made to our specs in Jalisco, Mexico and bottled here in our Placitas distillery. 

BURQUILA is 100% agave spirit, with a delicate floral scent of the piña and earthy notes you expect from quality agave. BURQUILA will amaze you on its own or in a classic margarita or other agave cocktails. 

BURQUILA will be available by the bottle SOON! But if you live in Placitas, you can taste it now in our 505 Classic Margarita! (CLICK  to order for free Placitas delivery)

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