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The Dark Ali

The Dark Ali

Dark Ali Cocktail

This cocktail is named for our super fun friend, Ali Yerkes, who brilliantly matched our Red Sauce Liqueur with chocolate.

Shortly after we began developing our liqueur products, we had a party with some friends. As soon as Ali tasted the Red Sauce Red Chile Liqueur, she said "This would be so good with chocolate!" We had not yet even considered making a chocolate liqueur, but we did have some Creme de Cacao on hand, so we tried those together. Ooooooohhhhhh, yeah. So good. Then and there I coined this drink "The Dark Ali".

But we knew we could make it even better if we made our own chocolate liqueur that wasn't as sweet or syrupy as Creme de Cacao. I set to work the very next day, experimenting with recipes for our own chocolate liqueur and soon thereafter, our award winning, dark chocolate El Bombón 505 Cacao Liqueur was born!

You can enjoy this on the rocks, shaken with ice, or simply combined in a glass! It is THAT good. 

Thank you, Ali! xoxo

1.5 oz El Bombón 505 Cacao Liqueur
1.5 oz Red Sauce Red Chile Liqueur 

Serve on the rocks, shaken with ice, or simply combined in a glass.

I like to garnish with a little candied red chile (pictured). If you would like that recipe, please send me a message through our contact form! We may also start selling the candied chile... stay tuned for that! 

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