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Matcha Do About Something

Matcha Do About Something

Matcha Do About Something Cocktail

Cold brewed matcha tea, D'UVA 1 brandy, Orange You Glad to See Me? orange liqueur and pineapple juice are such perfect compliments in this cocktail, I want to sing about this this from the rooftops! The smooth, woody, caramel notes in the brandy, the brightness of the orange liqueur, and the sweet tang of the pineapple are SOOOOOO perfect with the green, earthy richness of the matcha. Ahhhhhh...

Anyone who knows me, knows I am basically obsessed with matcha: the rich Japanese green tea powder used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, but also now a very common flavor in every type of drink, dessert, candy and food in Japan, and increasingly more and more popular in the US. I drink matcha lattes every morning (I am sipping one now), I make matcha and white chocolate chip cookies, I make matcha almond milk, matcha ice cream, matcha cake... as far as I'm concerned, matcha makes almost everything better. 

So why it is only recently that I have started creating matcha cocktails is a mystery. But now I have and this is my new favorite cocktail. 

Some notes about matcha: I recommend using a good, ceremonial grade matcha powder for this cocktail. My favorite is Jade Leaf, which I order on Amazon (okay, I actually have a subscription to this on Amazon. They have no idea I am writing this, and are not paying me.) For this recipe, I suggest using 1/4 to 1/2 tsp matcha mixed into about 2 ounces of cold water. Sift through a fine sieve to prevent lumps and mix until well blended, either with a small metal whisk or a special matcha whisk. Use 1 ounce of the prepared cold matcha for the cocktail, and save the rest because you will probably want another one. Or you can pour the remainder over a scoop of ice cream...

See recipe below. 

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1.5 oz D'UVA 1 Brandy
.5 oz Orange You Glad to See Me? artisan triple sec
1 oz Cold Brewed Matcha Tea (see above for details)
1 oz pineapple juice
optional: about 1 tsp of fresh egg white (makes a nice froth, but you can totally omit this if you prefer. It will be super yummy either way!)

Optional garnish: dried pineapple slice, dusted with matcha powder (or not)


Add all ingredients to shaker with ice. Shake & strain into a martini or coupe glass without ice. Garnish with dried pineapple slice. 


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