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St Stephane Cocktail

We recently created this cocktail for our friend's 50th birthday party. Stéphane is originally from Senegal, and to surprise him (because she is awesome!) Leah, his wife, asked us to create a cocktail using hibiscus and ginger, which are quintessential flavors of Senegal. Well, this cocktail is not only a hit with Stéphane, but with everyone who tastes it!

In fact, it is what we drank at the 505 Spirits staff holiday party! YUMMMMM!

Our double-distilled, copper pot D'UVA 1 Brandy, Green Sauce Green Chile Liqueur, muddled fresh ginger and hibiscus simple syrup make this a gingery, spicy, lush cocktail with the most gorgeous color! 

Garnished with candied ginger and hibiscus sugar rim, it is as beautiful as it is delicious.



2 oz D'UVA 1 Brandy
1 oz Green Sauce Green Chile Liqueur
.5 oz Hibiscus simple syrup* 
1 tsp peeled, chopped fresh ginger root

Crystallized ginger slices and (optional) hibiscus sugar** for rim


Using a martini or coupe glass, rub rim with lemon or lime and rim with hibuscus sugar **. 

Add brandy to shaker with ginger and muddle ginger into brandy. Add Green Sauce, hibiscus syrup and ice. Shake, using fine mesh strainer, strain into a coupe. Garnish with crystallized ginger slices. 

Picture of Stéphane & Leah, and one of Leah with her St. Stéphane, and one of Anna & Ashley serving the cocktails at the party!

Stephane & Leah

*To make the hibiscus syrup, make 1:1 simple syrup with sugar and water. Bring to boil, remove from heat, add handful of dried hibiscus flowers and steep for 15 minutes. Allow to cool, strain and keep in the refrigerator. Reserve flowers to dry for sugar rim. 

** To make hibiscus sugar rim, dehydrate the hibiscus flowers strained from the syrup by placing on parchment on a sheet pan in a very low oven (125-150 degrees Fahrenheit) for 2-5 hours. Once dried, blend with sugar in food processor. Strain with wide mesh strainer to remove the bigger chunks of hibiscus from the sugar. It's pretty and delicious! 


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  • Sounds amazing. Very creative. Looking forward to tasting it.

    Stephen Roberts
  • On essaiera ce cocktail, c’est sûr ! Il risque de devenir le cocktail familial !!


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