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Bubble Monster

Bubble Monster

Bubble Monster Purple People Eater & Gruet

Champagne is good, but Bubble Monster is better! Bubble Monster, a fresh twist on the Kier Royale, came from the creative mind of our friend Abby Patton. Abby is a foodie and infinitely creative mixologist. 


2 oz Purple People Eater Prickly Pear Liqueur
2 oz sparkling wine or Champagne

Coupe glass or flute

Pour the Purple People Eater first, then carefully pour the Champagne or sparkling wine over it, and Voila! 

Depending on your glass shape and how fizzy your bubbly is, if you want the Champagne to "float" like in the photo above, it can help to pour the champagne over a spoon at the surface of the Purple People Eater.

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