Struck by Cupid and Ready for... Football!

Struck by Cupid and Ready for... Football!

Struck by Cupid Martini

Valentine's weekend is coming up and we have two perfect martinis to enjoy while you and your sweetheart snuggle up: Struck by Cupid and the Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini. One brings you subtle NM heat and just a touch of sweetness, while the other will perfectly pair with your box of chocolates - or possibly, instead of a box of chocolates! 

If you live in Placitas, we will mix these up for you fresh and can them for delivery on Thursday! 

We are featuring the recipes this week, so if you live in ABQ, Santa Fe or Las Cruces, you can pick up the bottles and mix these up at home. If you live in Placitas, we can either deliver the bottles of spirits to you to mix them up, or WE'LL MIX THEM FOR YOU! Placitas residents can order them freshly mixed, canned and delivered to your door, with no delivery charge! 

Read on for details...

Struck by Cupid Martini

Struck by Cupid Martini 

You're certain to feel the love with this delicious martini. Cupid works some kind of alchemy with our Red Sauce red chile liqueur, Aristology White vermouth and vodka, plus just the teensiest pinch of sea salt. This is a magical romance of flavors! 

Click for the Struck by Cupid Recipe.

Placitas residents, click HERE to have us mix up and deliver Struck by Cupid to you! 


Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini

Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini

Rich, dark chocolate and the flavor of brandied cherries? YES, PLEASE!

Though there actually is nothing cherry in this drink (besides the optional cherry garnish), it really tastes just like the best dark chocolate covered brandied cherry you will ever find!

One day, I was curious what our Aristology Red Vermouth would taste like with our El Bombón 505 Cacao Liqueur. I combined them and was blown away by the flavor that was created! It is a delicious, very rich little cocktail, just those two, without the vodka. But to spruce it up a bit, I added vodka and VOILA, Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini was born!

Let us mix it up for you! You provide the glass and the ice, we'll bring you the cocktail & brandied cherry garnish. 

Click for the Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini Recipe.

Placitas residents, click HERE to have us mix up and deliver the Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini to your door! 


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